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Why build a lighthouse on this remote little rocky islet?

Since the beginning of time, seafarers have feared these waters. The Lord’s Prayer has been repeated innumerable times as ships entered the dangerous archipelago that form the Pater Noster islands on the Swedish west coast.

Here, in the outpost of the archipelago, on one of Sweden’s most windblown, barren and exposed places, Pater Noster – the king of lighthouses, was eventually built. This state-of-the-art masterpiece gave hope and guided seafarers safely for over a century. Next to it, the lighthouse keepers and their families built their home, a small-scale community on an island which had always been perceived as uninhabitable. For more than one hundred years they lived out here, on the terms dictated by the island and the sea.

Now, we are once again opening the door to the lighthouse master’s home. A place for seafarers from near and far, for nature lovers and pleasure seekers, for those who are seeking tranquility or good company. Here, where the light is brighter and the wind is wilder, the ocean saltier and the seafood fresher.
Welcome to a home on the horizon.

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The Lightkeeper's lodge est. 1868

Stay in the lightkeeper's family home of 9 rooms with a wonderful view

Price list 2022
From 6 500SEK person in a double room with full board and welcome drink, guided tour around the island, lighthouse visits, bathing in saltwater barrels, sauna bath, bathrobe, towel & slippers. The lighthouse keeper's homemade breakfast, hot lunch, seafood dinner with good accessories, coffee & dessert are served. Rainwear and fishing clothes from Grundén can be borrowed on the island.

Transport to the island
We offer helicopter service and RIB which are booked separately.

Group bookings, meetings, conference, event on an unusual & remote location with a rich cultural history, contact us for price details.

Rent your own island, contact us for price details.

Booking for 2022 is open.

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Midsummer dance at the far end of the sea band with overnight stay

A unique midsummer experience in the border sea between the Skagerrak and the Kattegat, where nature and the sea play the main roles. A midsummer at Pater Noster is hard to describe - it must be experienced

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The hunt for the black gold in October 2022

We carry on the island's lobster traditions and offer a day with accommodation in the old Lighthouse keeper’s home residence, double room with full board. Explore the beautiful, barren island and visit the magnificent lighthouse with its breathtaking views.

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Pater Noster, where the senses are brought to life, and renewed.

The journey to the island is an experience in itself. Leaving the mainland, we can see Carlsten’s Fortress on the island of Marstrand slowly fading into the distance to the East, as our eyes turn West. Then it appears, like a spire on the horizon- the King of Lighthouses- Pater Noster. Entering the small harbour, we are welcomed by the crashing waves and chanting seagulls as we learn of the lighthouse and its rich collection of stories that chart its dramatic history.

After checking in and making yourselves at home in this beautiful setting, we are ready for our tour of the Island. The location is brought to life through its history, the lighthouse, the people, the buildings that helped form this mini community. The tour ends in the old food cellar where you can indulge with Champagne and refreshments.

Now it is time for lunch that can be purchased in the old boathouse’ summer café, which offers a seasonally inspired menu, homemade cakes, biscuits and other sweet treats as well as ice cream. Lunch is typically served outside in the Boatyards Keeper’s Courtyard or alternatively, on a picnic blanket out on the rocky landscape that frames the island. On Pater Noster, it is all about exploring the island’s hidden beauty spots and embracing the elements that dominate the island.

The drinking water on the Island is desalinated and purified. The coffee selected for the island, is Pater Noster’s own specially selected blend. Produced by a small, well-known roastery in Gothenburg, the carefully selected coffee beans have been lightly roasted, making it the perfect partner with the water on the island.

The afternoon offers the opportunity for exploring the Island, where salty baths are guaranteed to be included, either in the Sea or in one of the 2 heated hot tubs which offer magical views out over the Sea towards Denmark, the tiny island of Kobbar, home to a colony of Seals and to Carlsten’s Fortress, all under the watchful and mighty eye of the Island’s own Lighthouse.

If you are simply looking for a quiet retreat to read, paint or just to find your own peace and tranquility, you will certainly find your own special spot on this Island. The spectacular views, the crispness of the wild sea air and the intensity of being so close to the heart of this wild natural habitat, will revive even the weariest of souls.

The Lighthouse is open so maybe a spot of meditative yoga at 35 meters is what you are looking for. A chance to totally switch off with a massage although we can promise you it will be hard to close your eyes. The view from the Lighthouse is a gentle assault on the senses with its lights, sounds, scents and impressions. There are no filters here, only 100% authenticity. Enjoy the views from sunrise to sunset.

As the sun sets and early evening draws in, we prepare the supper table in the Lighthouse Keeper’s dining room, in the Boathouse- or, if the weather is with us- in the Courtyard. The table is laid with an extraordinary seafood platter accompanied with home baked bread, seaweed infused mayonnaise and lashings of delicious salty butter, all rounded off with a delicious homemade dessert. Coffee and avec is then served in the Lighthouse Keeper’s Salon. And the evening has only just begun…

The day of departure

Waking up to the song of the seagulls and the sounds of the sea has a magical charm. Opening the curtains, you can gaze out across the sparkling sea and over the horizon towards Marstrand. If you are not in a rush- then neither are we. As the sun shifts, enjoy a morning swim or walk around the Island before indulging in a hearty breakfast of freshly baked bread, breakfast scones, our homemade lemon curd and other delicacies.

After checking out and boarding the boat back to the mainland, you turn and take one last look at Pater Noster, leaving its outline etched in the sky behind you. If the thought of leaving is just too much…simply stay another night.


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